Christopher Roskowetz 罗睿韬 has been Managing Director of Jung von Matt/TECH since September 2018, he and his team counsel international corporates and brands in the strategic use of emerging technologies to build cutting edge, user-centric platforms, products and services.

Prior to joining Jung von Matt, Christopher held leadership roles on international level at BBDO Worldwide and Beijing-based Interone China, a digital agency part of BBDO, working with major clients including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Mars to name just a few.

Apart from that, he’s been a business school lecturer for five years, teaching students, corporates and startups in digital transformation, business development and marketing as well as actively facilitating change as a mentor on accelerator programs of Google/Youtube, Hardware.co and WeWork Labs.

Christopher is a tech-savvy entrepreneur, China expert and recognized as an effective and energetic leader; passionate about culture, emerging technologies, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Digital strategy
Business development
Digital transformation
Emerging technologies
Agile leadership
Data & Intelligence
Marketing & communications


of international experience as an entrepreneur and customer-focused leader. Dedicated to inspire and enable the C-Suite to drive digital transformation across communication, business models, culture and technology.


You can message me for further information e.g. to check my availability or for references.


If you’re interested in news about digital trends and innovative technology, you can follow me on twitter.

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