Hi, I’m Christopher!

I am currently Director Digital Consulting at BBDO Worldwide, the world’s most awarded and effective Advertising Agency, with 289 offices in 81 countries. My aim is to help our global clients and partners to be digital pioneers by using advanced and emerging technology plus data to develop new platforms, products, services and new ways of communication. I also lecture at Good School Hamburg in Germany and I’m a consultant at FoundersExperts, the European network for startups as well as I’m a mentor on accelerator programs of Google/Youtube and Hardware.co.

Previously, I was Business Director of Beijing and Shanghai-based Interone China, a Digital Agency part of BBDO Worldwide. Other agencies before were Jung von Matt/Alster, Fischer Appelt and Interone in Germany.

I started my career as Founder and Managing Director of 3stepsFusion, an agency for marketing and web solutions. I then worked as Vice President of eCommerce and Marketing for the design brand EDDER and co-founded the startup spoody.

Over the past twelve years, my clients have included BMW, Mercedes-Benz, IWC Schaffhausen and Mars to name just a few.

I’m a digital native and entrepreneur. I believe in innovative ideas and technology. And I use them to create genuine experiences for my clients and their customer.



I am primarily responsible for the management of relationships with clients and successfully developing business accounts. At the same time, I play an active role in new business development.


I watch hundreds of customers using innovative products every day. The insights gained help me create new products and services for my clients and their customer. If you need me in-house or you want me to work on projects remotely, I’m ready to help.


I build new ventures with seasoned corporations, startups and colleagues from all over Europe and Asia. I support startups with a mission and with exciting products that are ready to launch.

Digital strategy
Marketing & communications
Business & brand management
(New) business development
Innovative technology
Leadership skills
Digital transformation
Trend forecasting
Social media


of dedicated, broad market knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in digital transformation, business development, management, technology and marketing on international level and especially in Germany and China.




You can message me for further information e.g. to check my availability or for references.


If you’re interested in news about digital trends and innovative technology, you can follow me on twitter.

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